The Last Goodbye

Drawing of beautiful, sad young woman, titled 'Another Sad Love Song' by Lee WildeAre you staying?” I already knew the answer, the small, chilled word in my chest.

“No. I can’t.”

“You mean you won’t.”

A silent moment there, neither daring to touch the jagged edge. He stared down at his hands, beautiful, smooth. “I just can’t.”

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Spaces Between Leaves

Scarborough Beach SunsetWinter branches sway. Glimpses of blue-gold sunkissed sky, gently swept aside.

Evening light recalls a summer night, alone with you on Scarborough Beach. Young, without a care… we decided we’d sleep there, under a blanket of stars and January moon. West Coast Highway a distant hum beyond the dunes.

Somewhere tonight its that night still. We’re asleep on the sand and the ocean is still and I still love you… in the fading light and the millions upon millions of tiny spaces between leaves.