Murder at Beare Park

Summer rain over the bay. Lit by a pale amber street lamp, drops fall like sequins past my window. Suddenly a MAGNIFICENT BOLT OF HORIZONTAL LIGHTNING over the water obliterates for several seconds a passing ship and cast an electric-pink glow across the underside of the clouds above. I’ve never seen lightning behave that way.

To think… this day I felt so tired…. drained and uninspired. I sensed the sidewalk stained with unrealised hopes and desires of my fellow city workers. Wondered if I too would melt away….leave my story unfinished another thousand days.

ANOTHER PURE WHITE SLICE ACROSS THE SKY! Exquisite violence! AND AGAIN THE SKY IS SHAKEN WHITE..Beare Park, bright as day, 8.52 at night.

Pouring down now. Massive thunder rolling in from the sea, frightens poor dogs.
JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS LOUD!!!!!! THUNDER CLAP DIRECTLY OVERHEAD. ALMOST IMMEDIATELY THE SKY ABOVE THE BAY FLASHED WHITE AGAIN AND THERE WAS A SOUND LIKE…..3 GUN SHOTS one after the other, which caught me off-guard and I screamed! No, really! Was that thunder? Lightning? What the hell WAS that?


I saw you together on Elizabeth Street and had never felt so alone. Walking hand in hand, you didn’t see me waiting for the three-one-one. She could have been me at 20 feet, 20 years ago. Closer, just a cheap facsimile. I really don’t understand.

Now I’m not sure. I’m not sure. I’m not sure what to feel anymore. I’m not sure what’s real and what’s not. Your heart is cold as your lips are hot…. tracing words on my neck with your  lying tongue, murmuring a soft hello, but I know, I KNOW your lying eyes have already said goodbye.

LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snaking your way into my bed! Messing with my mind!

Now I know NOTHING you ever said was true and the time has come, though I don’t know….

I just don’t know what to do with this knife in my hand.