A painting I did over the weekend. 90 x 90cm canvas (poor quality photo, sorry). The intention was to hang it at a restaurant near where I work, as a promotional device… however one of my work colleagues says she wants it now!

The dots on her coat are small holes I made with a skewer. I wanted to try something….but after I made the holes I changed my mind, so….. apparently pointless vandalism of the canvas. What ya gonna do?


An atmospheric graphite drawing of a young woman standing alone on a windy train platform, looking anxious.

Graphite on Canson Mei Teints textured paper

29.7 x 42cm (A3)


Blue. You and I in a room at night. Lit by the moon, a pale blue light flooded the quiet space. Blue. Your face.. smooth, translucent skin. No hint of the din from the street below. So blue… your hair.. the dark blue water beneath a wave. Wet cars slid across your chest, transposed, in shades of indigo blue. And the world went blue and swept us up in a crush of blinding, hyperlink blue.